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At St Mary's, daily worship is integral to the development of the children's spiritual, moral and social development.  The children show huge respect, sing joyfully and play a full part in leading collective worship. It is a fundamental part of our daily school life and enables us all to join together as one in prayer and worship. Our staff are actively involved in taking appropriate leads in celebrations and are committed to supporting and developing pupils’ own leadership skills, encouraging even the youngest to engage in leading at their own level. The children enjoy planning and leading liturgies and prayers.

Child-led Collective Worship

Each week, a group of children in each class lead a collective worship session with their peers. Children reflect on Gospel stories as well as lead prayers, songs and other chosen activities. The children select the Bible reading that they want their session to be focused upon. They may choose a text related to the liturgical calendar, the Gospel Value they would like their class to reflect upon e.g Kindness, integrity, forgiveness. 


The liturgies are structured around the following parts:


Gather - children gather with a focus area. They can use candles, rosary beads and other religious artifacts. 


Word - children chose a Bible reading linked to the Gospel Value theme for the week


Response - Children choose one or two ways to respond to the reading.


Mission - Children choose a way to go forth, sharing the Good News and following God's mission in their everyday lives. They will offer an image or artifact for each class to take back to place on their prayer focus ass a reminder of the theme.

Liturgies are always meaningful and reflective experiences. The impact of this is that our pupils are aware that God’s presence is in all aspects of life and they know how they can contribute to the community in which they live, and the wider world. The children are very inquisitive about their spirituality and contribute well around the school.