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Our English vision is to foster a love of language and literature through the use of quality texts and books; this inspires, excites and engages our children.

English Intent:

 At St. Mary’s, our aim is that all our children will become knowledgeable and confident readers and writers who have a life-long love of reading, an inspired imagination and a creative passion for writing.

 We will achieve this ambitious goal through our daily English teaching, which:

  • Promotes a positive and curious attitude towards all aspects of English.
  • Fosters a love of language and an understanding of the power of story.
  • Creates an exciting and enticing reading environment that inspires a life-long enjoyment of reading.
  • Develops a deep understanding and ability to use the technical grammatical features of writing.
  • Uses real-life, inspiring and exciting stimuli for writing.
  • Utilises talk, discussion and the sharing of ideas as a platform to deepen understanding and stimulate creativity.
  • Provides children with an ever-growing, wide and rich vocabulary, enabling them to bring greater meaning to their work and to use in their writing across the curriculum.
  • Gives repeated opportunities to read, understand and write a range of texts, covering a wide variety of genres.
  • Ensures children are given access to a wide variety of both classic and contemporary authors and poets.
  • Provides all the literary skills and knowledge needed to access all aspects of the primary curriculum.
  • Emphasises phonics as the basis of reading and develops a strong phonic awareness in our children.
  • Seeks to enable each child to fulfil their full potential as readers and writers through access to the whole English Curriculum.
Here are some really useful websites with free games and activities that you can introduce to your child to help their learning:
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A guide to common terms and phrases used in schools.