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Mini Vinnies

Who was St Vincent De Paul?
St.Vincent DePaul was born in France, 24th April 1581. He became a priest and dedicated himself to serving the poor.

So what is the Society of St Vincent de Paul?
The Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP) has been engaging with young people and education since its earliest days.

The St Vincent de Paul Society helps people who are facing problems such as:

  • Poverty: not enough money to pay for basic necessities.
  • Hunger: some families have only one meal per day if they are lucky.
  • Unemployment: sometimes parents have to go out every day and search for work.
  • No home or poor quality housing: some families of 8 or more live in one room.
  • No education: some families cannot pay for schooling or children cannot go to school because they need to work to help their parents feed the family.

To find out more visit www.minivinnies.org.uk

Who are our SVP Representatives?
Our Mini Vinnies are a group of children from Y5 who follow in the steps of St.Vincent in helping local charities and looking after other people in our school.

Our work in school is to promote awareness about how we can all make a difference to our school, local and global community. 

Our Mini Vinnies organised and held a plant and cake sale in aid for the homeless in our parish. They made posters to advertise this event, placed the event in the newsletter and sourced the cakes and plants. 

They raised £244. This money will be used to buy heaters.

A prayer from the Mini Vinnies: 
Dear Lord Jesus, 
Help us to love others like you love us. 
Help us to realise that our world is in danger.
Lord in your mercy. 
Hear our prayer.
Who are our Mini Vinnies?
President: Elsa 
Vice President: Grace and Izabella
Communication Officers: Millie-Mae, Danny, Evie and Alix
Treasurers: Mason, Callum and Sienna. 
Eco Mini Vinnies: Elsa and Grace
Prayer and Liturgies: All of the Mini Vinnies
Community: All of the Mini Vinnies.
A Prayer from the Mini Vinnies: 
Gospel Value Focus: 19th June 2022
Dear Lord Jesus, 
Help me to show humility by putting others first. 
Show us faith and kindness so we can see life as a gift and do as you do to save the world. 
Lord in your mercy, 
Hear our Prayer
Sienna wrote this prayer.
The Mini Vinnies and the PTA held a coffee morning to raise morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer support. They raised £200 for this wonderful charity.  
The Mini Vinnies held a cake and plant sale and raised £150. This money will go towards buying heaters, blankets and bedding for the homeless in our community.