St Marys Catholic Primary School
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Spring Term

Spring 1: What impact did the Romans have on Britain?

Through this topic the children will embark on a timeline journey to see the development in British history as the Roman Empire attacked our shores. They will study a selection of the Romans, Julius Caesar’s dictatorship, the Punic wars and how Rome began.  We will consider what life was like in Britain before the Romans invaded and compare it with life after. The children gain an insight on Roman towns, cities, roads, governments and taxes before using that knowledge to learn the story of Boudicca. Finally, they will use all of their knowledge and skills to debate the ways that Britain remained the same after the Roman invasion.


In English this half term we will be learning the defeating the monster text Hansel and Gretel before writing our own. We will be following Pie Corbett's Talk for Writing model to do this. Please find our class story map below!