St Marys Catholic Primary School
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Autumn Term

Autumn 1: What is the legacy of the Ancient Greeks?


This topic focus on the legacy of the Ancient Greek, particularly the creation of the Olympic Games. The children will have the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the games and their knowledge of key components such as the Olympic flame, the role that Zeus played in the games and the closing feast. The children will then use their new understanding to compare the current Olympic Games to that of the Ancient Greeks.  


The children had the opportunity to attend the Falmouth Oyster Festival and perform with several other schools in the area! 

Autumn 2: What is life like in Africa?

This topic is an exciting topic to discover this wonderful continent. The children will explore the content of Africa by learning about lines of longitude and latitude, the location of the northern and southern hemispheres and the location of the different countries in Africa. We will then expand our knowledge of Africa by looking at the Indigenous Massai Tribe and comparing their lives to ours.