St Marys Catholic Primary School
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Spring Term

Currently all teaching and work is being given and submitted on Showbie due to the ongoing school closures. This is being updated regularly and all feedback on work submitted is being given here. All the children in Class 6 are expected to still be working. Stay safe everyone!

Ocean adventure is at the heart of this topic. The children study the mysteries of the oceans, the creatures that inhabit them and the dangers they face. They learn about the geographical features of beaches and complete a field trip to one of our local beaches.

Then, on the other side of the world, Michael Morporgo's Kenzuke’s Kingdom enables children to encounter desert island life and plan for survival on an island.

News reports and drama are used for shark attack report writing.

The oceans of the world will be identified and environmental issues that affect the creatures in these important areas will be explored, such as plastic pollution and shark finning.