St Marys Catholic Primary School
At St. Mary's we place the children at the heart of everything we do

Spring Term

Our topic across this term has been Enchantment. In the first half of the term we have been learning all about Traditional Tales. We've loved learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and have worked hard to innovate our own versions. We have been very busy in Science and Art too. In Art we have been looking at Georgia O'Keefe, creating artwork inspired by hers. In science we have been working outdoors a lot, observing the plants growing in our environment. We can now identify evergreen trees and tell you what plants need to grow. To link with our Jack and the Beanstalk story we have grown our very own beans in a ziplock bag. We are carefully observing how they grow and wonder whether they will lead to a new magical world.
We went to explore the trees around the school to identify whether they were evergreen tree or deciduous.
We have enjoyed learning about Special People this term for our R.E topic. We love acting out the stories to make them come to life.
We have been learning about non-fiction texts this term and have had a go at making 2 of our own books. One book was all about Owls whilst the second was about a nocturnal animal of our choosing. We have loved researching and then making our books. We have learnt lots of facts about animals and have enjoyed sharing our knowledge with the rest of the class.
We went on a School Trip this term to visit Pendennis Castle. We had a great time exploring around the moat first and identifying St Mawes castle from across the Carrick Roads. Next we entered the castle for a Now and Then workshop all about the Tudor times and what it was like in a castle back in those days. Later, after lunch, we explored around the castle grounds and inside the castle itself. We have learnt a lot about why castles were built and the importance of Pendennis castle in securing Falmouth's safety from enemy galleons.