St Marys Catholic Primary School
At St. Mary's we place the children at the heart of everything we do

Autumn Term

This term we have been learning all about families and the people who help us within our local community. In science we have looked at growth, lifecycles and our senses. We conducted an investigation with sugar and salt to see if we could tell which one was which using our senses. In Geography we learnt all about our local area through maps and exploration. In english we have learnt about labelling, captions and instructions. We had lots of fun writing and then following our instructions for making cupcakes. 
During the Autumn Term we visited Falmouth Fire Station to learn about people who help us in our local community. While we were there the firefighters showed us how the fire engine works. We had a go at using the hose. We had so much fun!
We have been finding lots of different ways to practice our tricky words this term. This has been one of our favourites- drawing on the playground.
In the second half of this term we learnt all about Space. We loved this topic and got fully immersed by making rockets, learning about the planets and reading lots of space stories. We loved the 'Man on the Moon' book and did some fantastic work related to it. We also learnt about famous astronauts. We had a go at pretending we were walking on the moon to imagine what it is like. We didn't see any aliens but we did find a crashed spaceship in our playground!
Have a go at using our story map to retell the 'Man on the Moon' story at home.
Take a look at our DT project. We designed and made junk model rockets.
We also took part in our very first school play in front of an audience. We did so well to remember all the words.