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St Marys Catholic Primary School
At St. Mary's we place the children at the heart of everything we do

Phonics and Reading

The ability to read and write well is a vital skill for all children, paving the way for an enjoyable and successful school experience. The children will have a 20 minute phonics session each day and then have the opportunity to apply their reading and writing skills across the different areas of learning. 
We begin our phonics teaching at Phase 2 of the letters and sounds programme. 
Sounds are introduced in sets and we aim to teach one set per week.
Set 1:  s a t p
Set 2:  i n m d
Set 3:  g o c k
Set 4:  ck e u r
Set 5:  h b f ff l ll ss
Learning to read some tricky words: the to  I  no  go  into
We use jolly phonics to support the children in learning the phonic sounds. The children particularly enjoy singing the songs and learning the actions.
Useful resources to support Reading, Writing and Phonics